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A plumb line is a string with a weight - a plumb "bob" - used as a vertical reference line to ensure a structure is centered. Plumb bobs don’t lie. The plumb line weighted by the bob finds the vertical axis pointing to the center of gravity, ensuring that everything is balanced, centered and in right alignment. 


A structure built with a plumb line will stand strong and steady. You need a strong foundation on which to build your life from today into the rest of your life. Who doesn't? Built to last, to weather the storms and the sunshine in life, you start with a plumb line.

How do we know that we are in right alignment with our best stuff, our creativity and imagination, our potential for awesomeness, our goals that bridge the space between where we are now and where we want to go?


How do we find ourselves "all lined up" in the right way with ourselves and with others? The Plumb Line.

Find yours! Own it, use it, let it help you build who you want to be and how you want to live.

In my relationships with students and young adults, I listen with empathy and curiosity, trust that they know themselves better than anyone else and, behind the most self-limiting beliefs, I see the shining, best self. I can help with the things that lie beneath the desire for academic and social success: stress-management, self-confidence, executive function, thought patterns, goal achievement, and personal seeking and finding. 

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