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Individual Coaching

Rock Balancing

Complete Coaching

12 Coaching Sessions!

This is great for people who want massive, focused growth in a short amount of time.

  • Design Session to get clear on your goals and what you want
  • 10 Coaching Sessions with a plan uniquely tailored to you

  • Summary Session to celebrate and plan next steps at the end of coaching

  • Concrete resources and tools to practice between sessions + detailed follow up

  • On-call communication and direction between sessions, as needed


Image by Christian Wiediger

Coaching Punch Card

This is great for people who have already been through Complete Coaching or a Group Coaching Experience.

  • 5 Sessions!

  • Use anytime you'd like over 6 months

  • Best with a specific, current goal in mind

  • Sessions are very flexible -- we can design how you use them together!


Image by marianne bos

Student One & Done

Already been coached by me

or someone else? This option is great for maintenance or to trouble shoot an issue.



Parent One & Done

Available to parents of students who have received my complete coaching package! 

Excellent investment to help student coaching to "stick" in the family system.


I am excited to help you choose the best package for your goals.

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