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group coaching

College Students

Unpacking Your Bags for College

A Life Audit

Are you 18-25 and headed back to school, or starting the school of life? Go lighter, cleaner and leaner after this 8-week journey with other cool people.


You know what you have control over, as you look toward your next chapter? YOURSELF. That’s it. 


This was always true. You are not going to magically be a different person in this next phase of your life. But you might head off on this journey with a better sense of self and purpose. 


In this group, we will take a deep dive into 4 areas that could use a “habit audit” — time, money, food and relationships — and look carefully at what you need and don’t need for this next step. Additionally, each participant will drop their personal “plumb line” and build a solid structure of self that will stand no matter what comes along.


Let’s unpack before you pack up to go! We can intentionally build an energetically leaner, more confident you.


8 Sessions!

We meet once a week for 65 minutes

10 Participants, Max

$350 per person

High School Friends

Five Massively Useful Skills You Need for High School

A Habit Tune Up!


Whether a rising freshman or a jaded senior, you could use a boost or maybe a tune up!


Get awesome at basic skills for school (and life) in 8 weeks:


  • Managing Time

  • Harnessing Motivation

  • Receiving Feedback

  • Building Systems + Organization

  • Designing Action


Let’s work together and share our best tricks and habits to set you on the right path for this year.


8 Sessions!

We meet once a week for 65 minutes

10 Participants, Max

$350 per person

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