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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plumb Line?

A plumb line is a weight suspended from a string used as a vertical reference line

to ensure a structure is centered and balanced.

The plumb line finds the vertical axis pointing to the center of gravity,

ensuring that everything is right for solid construction.

How do we know that we are in right alignment with our goals,

our gifts, our purpose in the world?

Plumb Line Coaching.

What are your fees?

During this time of pandemic, I charge $85/hr for single coaching sessions

and $900 for a coaching package of 12 sessions

($75 each session, with pricing schedules for every budget).

I frequently offer introductory workshops with reasonable pricing for everyone! 

24-hour cancellation notice is expected. 

I receive payment most easily through venmo and paypal.

What is coaching?

We all have have a lot of pressures and distractions, and young people often have a collection of adults telling them what they should be doing (or, at least, passively implying this). Very few have what research says they need: an adult who can help them figure out what they most want, then create and execute a strategy to reach those goals and become that person. As an academic and wellness life coach, that’s what I do, while helping people master stress and build self confidence, self reliance,

an awareness of their own strengths and values.

With spiritual direction and values clarification,

I help people discover a deep sense of purpose and call.

A good coach will listen deeply to help a young person clarify what she really wants

and design a pathway to achieve it.

A good coach will help him build a bridge from where he is to where he wants to be. 

How does academic coaching work?

In regular coach sessions, I help young people evaluate the elements of their life.

Where are they content? Where could things be better?

What are their values, how do they align their choices with those values, 

and what do they really want? What are they doing here in this wide, wobbly world?

We flesh out an ideal future together and find a concrete and hopeful image to strive toward — what would it look and feel like? — then set small, self-directed goals to inch closer to that reality. In coaching, they can ask, “what’s next for me?” and answer the question with a clear head, a happy heart and a reliable compass of their own values and personal vision.

Along the way, we explore the elements that make the young person who they are—their strengths, values and personality type—and turn their struggles and weaknesses into tools for building their ideal life.

I also offer small-group crash course workshops in time-management, goal setting and making values-driven choices through high school and college, and beyond.

If this sounds good, let’s connect!

What results can I expect?

Students say they finally feel capable of setting goals, moving through school and life like a boss and striding into their own future with clarity. They also feel more connected to others and the created world, with a sense of responsibility and a generous heart. Parents tell me of shifts communication, motivation, and happiness.

Many adults want to help students, but don’t know how. With my life coaching, young people feel more confident, know how to advocate for themselves and to problem solve what to do when they get stuck. They are heard and understood…and excited about creating positive change.

Do I need a coach or a therapist?

Therapy is the right fit for addressing trauma and diagnosable mental health concerns; life coaching works for taking action to improve an okay-but-not-ideal life and giving choices clear direction, form and purpose.

With coaching, young people figure out their own solutions, based on the lives they are living now and want to live in the future.

If this sounds good, let’s connect!

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