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Plumb Line Coaching

helping people design a specific vision for their lives

and move ahead in the world with a sense of drive and purpose.

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  • Name where you are now

  • Design a vision of where you want to go

  • Build a bridge to cross from here to there!

  • Discover practical skills to support new habits


It's real.

You have more “push-pull” in life than ever before, more distraction and more pressure to just not fail, despite being told that mistakes are how you learn. The stakes seem too high! Sometimes you make choices to manage this pressure or check out that prevent you from being that great person you know you really are.


I'm with you.

I make a commitment to you when you work with me and the best growth comes when you do the same. We decide to dig through the dirt of what holds you back, even when it’s difficult. To be true to yourself you have to look in the mirror and see everything, including what you like least that may be holding you back  most.


It's worth it.

Growth is painful! Change and curiosity require you to stretch. But nothing is as painful as staying somewhere you don’t belong or do not want to be. After working with me, you will get comfortable with "strive and stretch" to become your best self, evolving with competence, confidence and  expanded spirit.

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My Story

Sarah Neidhoefer, Academic and Personal Wellbeing Life Coach

As a coach for youth and young adults, I've been coaching clients in high schools and colleges for many years, facilitating their self-growth and personal empowerment. If you know young people who are feeling directionless or overwhelmed by life’s demands -- or you are one! -- my services aim to introduce clarity, agency and a sense of path and purpose. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of school, the college process, decision making and everyday life.


"Sarah Neidhoefer has helped shape me into the man I have become today."

"It feels to me like Sarah is life’s Inspector Gadget—she recognizes obstacles and always seems to have the right ‘tool’ to fix it."

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Teah is not sure about you.JPG

"Her 'no judgement' attitude is what allowed me to feel like her presence was always a safe space."


Adam Smith

Having an ally to help with my teenager is so important. My son’s biggest “gain” from the coaching experience was empathy.  I’ll always remember when Sterling paused and responded empathetically to a situation right after a session with Sarah. 

When the sessions ended, I walked away with deep gratitude.

David Burdette

Sarah Neidhoefer was a blessing coming into my sons' lives when she did. Things were fine with me and my boys -- as fine as can be for a brand new full-time single father of two teens, ages 14 and 15. 

The more time my older son spent with Sarah, the more eager and energized he was about participating in high school. He ran for student government and he became more engaged in the community as well. He was noticeably happier and balanced all around and seemed to perform better in almost all areas of his life. During his junior year of high school, my son went on a retreat with Sarah and a group of other students. I was astonished and  impressed by the growth and transformation that occurred during a short 4-day retreat and her her ability to give kids exactly what they need. The transformation that occurred still shapes his character even today.

I can honestly say that had Sarah not been a part of their lives, it would have taken them any years to develop the high level of character and skill sets they did in high school. None of us as parents have everything our children need. Sarah Neidhoefer stands out a that rare teacher/mentor we often read or hear about, but rarely meet, much less are blessed to experience in our lives. I recommend Sarah with the utmost confidence. She is magic.

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